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Super Baby 2 zeigt seine Moves in DRAGON BALL FighterZ

DRAGON BALL FighterZ: Super Baby 2.


Hier ist ein neuer Trailer für den Charakter!


In diesem Video werden Baby 2s Kombos und Kampfstil nähert gezeigt:


Und zusätzlich sind zwei der besten „DRAGON BALL FighterZ“-Spieler, Shanks (Spanien) und Wawa (Frankreich), gegeneinander angetreten:


Der neueste Patch, „Ver1.26“ wurde veröffentlicht . Unten findet ihr alle Einzelheiten.



Energy Cutter no longer hits the same opponent multiple times under certain conditions.



Fixed an issue in which damage scaling would not apply to any attack canceled into after Miracle Super Punch or Great Special Rolling Kick.



Fixed an issue in which it was difficult to perform a Super Attack after standing light attack: follow-up 2.



Fixed an issue in which it was difficult to land a standing unique attack against some characters while they are in the air.


Master Roshi

  • Fixed an issue in which the opponent would lock up when Master Roshi canceled their attack with Lullaby Fist.
  • Fixed an issue in which the K.O. animation for Evil Containment Wave would not play correctly under certain conditions.
  • Made it easier to perform an Ultimate Z Change from Turtle Hermit Extraordinaire.
  • Reduced invincibility time for Martial Spirit and Z Assist (B Type).
  • Lengthened start-up of the 2nd hit of Z Assist (B Type) when the attack does not hit the opponent's main character.
  • Start-up for Z Assist (B Type) no longer speeds up when Master Roshi is hit by the opponent's attack before start-up.



Fixed an issue in which Direct Hit would not land against some characters who are in a wall bounce.


Goku (Ultra Instinct)

Fixed an issue in which some characters would freeze under certain conditions during an Ultimate Z Change involving Unpolished Instinct.


Captain Ginyu

Fixed an issue in which the Ki gauge would increase from Z Assist (B Type).


Android 21

Fixed an issue in which heavy Hors d'Oeuvre Stab could not be performed with half a Ki gauge bar when it links from some absorbed Special Moves.



Fixed an issue in which the timing at which an Ultimate Z Change is no longer possible during the mid-air version of Saiyan Spirit differed from the grounded version.


Goku (SSGSS)

Fixed an issue in which the Ki gauge would increase from Super God Shock Flash (Heavy).


DRAGON BALL FighterZ stellt den Ursprung dessen dar, so beliebt und berühmt gemacht hat: endlose, spektakuläre Schlachtem mit übermächtigen Kämpfern.
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